The thematic workshops will bring together scientists in oceanography, climate, socio-ecology, sustainability, governance and resource economics, with local socio-economic actors, civil society organizations, customary authorities and policy makers.

5 interlinked workpackages (WP)

WP1 will identify how data, science and information can best support sustainable development goals at regional to local scale, including research capacity building and ocean literacy (“the ocean’s influence on you and your influence on the ocean”).

WP2 through institutional and governance assessments tools, will develop a structured understanding of the present networks, the actors within them and their relationships.

WP3 will identify key values, drivers, barriers, and opportunities around the translation of SDGs into local understanding to synthesize information and pertinent indicators.

WP4 will focus on policy-making and governance referring to SDGs at the regional and national levels with a strong focus of the (non)scalability issue between political and spatial levels.

WP5 will provide methods to all WPs for enabling effective participation of all stakeholders in co-developing, testing and evaluating the development pathways, with the key issues such as social inclusiveness, equity and gender balance.

WP0 will provide overall coordination, involve further local stakeholders on specific issues/locations, and pace the regular consortium meetings and foci workshops.

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